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DAS courses - Stockport

Looking to ride a bike larger than 125cc? Consider a DAS course with SSM


What is a DAS? What are the costs?

At Stockport School of Motoring we tailor our DAS training to meet your needs. Rather than making block bookings, we offer flexible training days allowing you to learn around work or other commitments you may have. We also feel having time between lessons alleviates pressure and gives you more time to absorb the information you've learned.

The number of lessons required varies from person to person, but is usually around 3 to 5 days. As we book by the day and not in lesson blocks - we can ensure you only pay for the instruction you need.


Half day - £90
Full day - £175

Included in the price is use of a school bike, helmet, gloves and waterproofs.

The maximum ratio of students to instructors is 2:1, although one-to-one instruction can be requested. A surcharge may be applied for one-to-one instruction during busy times.

We cover the knowledge and skills required by both Module 1 and Module 2 of the test before you undertake Module 1 - we strongly believe this means you've got a far broader knowledge and skill base when you take Module 1.


Father and son

Typically, DAS training covers:

  • A detailed introduction to larger, more powerful motorbikes and the differences between these machines and machines you may have ridden previously. This is conducted in a safe, off road environment before you begin riding on normal roads
  • On road, you will become proficient in all aspects of road riding including planning and awareness, control and safety
  • Unlike other schools, we'll train you to ride competently and safely even after you've passed your test - not just teach you how to pass the test.

The laws for motorcycle tests changed on 19th January 2013 under the Third European Driving Licence Directive (3DLD). There are now two main licence categories:

Licence Type A - Large Motorcycle

To obtain this licence you must be 24 years of age (or have held an A2 licence for 2 years)

The test must be taken on a machine of at least 595cc with a power output of more than 53.6bhp. You will have to take a theory test, along with Module 1 and Module 2 of the practical test.

On passing you can ride any sized motorcycle without restriction.

Licence Type A2 - Medium Motorcycle

To obtain this licence you need to be 19 years of age.

The test must be taken on a machine larger than 395cc and have a power output of between 33 - 46.6bhp.

On passing you can ride any motorcycle up to 46bhp. Many bikes produce 46bhp as standard but you can restrict motorcycles to 46bhp so long as their original power output was no greater than 92bhp.

There is no automatic upgrade of an A2 licence. If you wish to progress to a full (A) licence, you will need to retake both test modules on an unrestricted 600bhp bike once you are 24 years old or have held an A2 licence for 2 years.

Other licences

A1 - Aged 17 you may take your test on a 125cc bike. You will be limited to just 125cc but will be able to take off your L plates and carry a passenger. There is no automatic upgrade after 2 years.

AM - Aged 16 you may take a full moped test. You will be able to ride a moped up to 49cc without L plates. You will also be able to carry a pillion passenger.

Prior to the practical test, you must have successfully completed your motorcycle theory test. Further information about the theory test with online booking can be found here, with online practice available here.


Want to book your DAS course today? Call SSM on

0161 669 0096

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